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Want to take a trip to Crystal Lake? 

Handmade denim hoodie made from scratch and inspired from the Friday the 13th movie.

• Over 5 pair of second-hand jeans were used to make this. 

• Detachable Jason Voorhees denim hockey mask. It can be attached in the back or in the front of the hood.

• A lot of functional pockets (Front, back, arms, hood)

• A total of 50 hours has been spent on this, owning this is the equivalent of owning a part of my soul. 

• The denim Voorhees hoodie is 1 of 1 : no chance of coming across someone else with the same one.

• Outside is 100% cotton denim and inside is fully jersey lined for a better comfort.

Handmade in France

Jason Vorhees hasn't been the only horror movie character to have inspired me, Ghostface too.


Worldwide shipping takes from 2 to 6 days for European countries and 6 to 12 days for the rest of the world.


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